Power BI: How to open multi layer JSON file into Power BI

Hello Friends,

Below are the steps to open multi layer JSON file into Power BI.

Power BI and JSON 00

Note:  if you open from files system then use JSON file datasource or if you open from any url then you can use WEB and rest of the steps will be the same.


Step 01: Open “Get Data” and click “More…

Power BI and JSON 01

Step 02: Select File>>JSON files option.

Power BI and JSON 02

Step 03: Select file.

Power BI and JSON 03

Step 04:  You will see document levels and “Record” link which holds data in it. Go to second level’s “Record” section and right click and select “Drill Down“.

Power BI and JSON 04

Power BI and JSON 05

Step 05: Right click on first “Record”  and click on “Into Table“.

Power BI and JSON 06

Step 06: Now you will able to see your data just you need to expand the columns by clicking button on “Value” column. {I used to clear “use original column name as prefix” option as it adds prefix before you column’s name}

Power BI and JSON 07Power BI and JSON 08

Step 07:  Click OK and you will able to you final dataset.

Power BI and JSON 09