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April 20, 2017

List down folders underlying file info using SQL query

by Shivendra Kumar Yadav

Sometimes we need to list down file/folder’s information from a folder like filename, extension, created date and modified date etc.

The below query can give you the list of all content’s info from given folder path.

SQL Query:


IF OBJECT_ID('Tempdb..#FileDetails') IS NOT NULL
DROP TABLE #FileDetails

CREATE TABLE #FileDetails (FileDetails VARCHAR(MAX))

INSERT INTO #FileDetails (FileDetails)
EXEC ('EXEC XP_CMDSHELL ''powershell.exe -c "Get-ChildItem '''''+@FolderPath+''''' | SELECT Name,CreationTime,LastWriteTime,Extension|foreach{$_.Name+''''@''''+$_.CreationTime+''''|''''+$_.LastWriteTime+''''#''''+$_.Extension}"''')

SELECT SUBSTRING(FileDetails,0,CHARINDEX('@',FileDetails)) AS [File Name]
, CONVERT(DATETIME,SUBSTRING(FileDetails,CHARINDEX('@',FileDetails)+1,19)) AS [Creation Date Time]
, CONVERT(DATETIME,SUBSTRING(FileDetails,CHARINDEX('|',FileDetails)+1,19)) AS [Modified Date Time]
, ISNULL(NULLIF(SUBSTRING(FileDetails,CHARINDEX('#',FileDetails)+1,LEN(FileDetails)),''),'Directory') AS [Extension]
FROM #FileDetails

Output Content:

  Column Name Description Remarks
File Name Name of content  File name, Folder name etc.
Creation Date Time File/Folder creation date-time
Modified Date Time Last Modified date-time
Extension File extension  like.. .sql, .xlxs etc.

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