Welcome to SQLDig.com

Hello friends! Welcome to SQLDig.com 🙂

Nowadays, Microsoft SQL Server has proven his strength as stable RDBMS product; many industries (different sizes) are using it for their requirement fulfillment. In this competitive corporate world many of us either migrated or started his/her career in SQL Server database development/administration etc. As I had started my career as dot net developer but converted into Sql Server side and felt a pleasure.

As the usage of databases has been increasing; the size of databases has also been increasing too.  After holding TBs of important and expensive data, it’s very critical and important job to maintain your database very efficiently with security.

In Order to explore the some points of SQL Server database in terms of performance, I am building this site to gather information and put some live experience to troubleshoot or monitor a SQL Server environment.

Hope you will enjoy it. 🙂